As Temperatures Drop, Unicef Highlights The Plight Of Syrian Children

Winter is coming. And help begins with a blanket.

As Temperatures Drop, Unicef Highlights The Plight Of Syrian Children

WHAT: “It Begins With A Blanket,” a fundraising drive from NGO, Unicef UK, highlighting the predicament of children affected by the conflict in Syria as winter approaches.

WHO: Unicef UK, Saatchi & Saatchi London

WHY WE CARE: If anyone needs a reminder of just how lucky they are, they should look no further than this heart-rending film from Unicef. The story follows nine-year-old Syrian refugee, Yana, as she scavenges various items lying around the camp where she is staying. One of these items is a scruffy teddy bear, which she clutches tightly. As the film unfolds, it becomes clear that Yana is actually collecting things to burn on a fire in order to keep warm, and, yes, teddy goes into the flames too.

With the onset of winter not far away, Unicef is hoping to raise awareness of the grim conditions being faced by Syrian children. The organization says that more than 8 million are affected by the conflict, some losing their homes, and, possibly their families, and are about to face the bitter winter in dreadful circumstances. Unicef is working in Syria and across the region to provide blankets, clean water, and medicine. The campaign asks people to donate via a webpage.

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