Heineken’s Tequila-Flavored Beer Desperados Launched A DJ Into The Stratosphere

Creative agency WE ARE Pi helped them figure out how to drop the bass in space.

Heineken’s Tequila-Flavored Beer Desperados Launched A DJ Into The Stratosphere

WHAT: A video called “Desperados Bass Drop: How to drop the bass in space,” in which DJ Mike Cervello hits the stratosphere with an enthusiastic EDM crowd in zero-gravity.

WHO: WE ARE Pi for Heineken’s Desperados, with Mike Cervello and charming neuroscientist Daniel Levitin.

WHY WE CARE: Suborbital travel has somehow gone from being the sort of thing that astronauts experienced, and that humans who aren’t astrophysicists and decathletes only dreamed of, to being a fun novelty to drop into ad campaigns and music videos. OK Go proved that earlier this year when they shot a music video in zero-gravity, and Desperados–Heineken’s tequila-flavored beer–took it even further when they launched DJ Mike Cervello and a bunch of EDM kids into the stratosphere to drop the bass in space. And this week, they launched the product of that launch in the form of a video capturing the endeavor. It opens with fairly typical opining about the power of music and what it feels like when you drop the bass for a crowd that can’t wait to hear it happen, but by the time auditory cognitive neuroscientist Daniel Levitin pops up to help Cervello figure out what track to play as they hit the stratosphere (and bops his head along happily to the music), you can’t really help but be charmed.

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