This Thanksgiving, Let A Drone Do All The Work In The Kitchen. Or Not

What’s the best way to sell a drone? Show how much it sucks at everything else.

This Thanksgiving, Let A Drone Do All The Work In The Kitchen. Or Not

WHO: Autel Robotics
WHAT: A promo video for its X‑Star Premium drone
WHY WE CARE: The uses for drones run a pretty wide gamut: There are those who fly them for potentially live-saving ideas like collecting mosquitos to curb viral epidemics or scanning hard-to-reach areas ravaged by natural disasters. There are those who use them for more light-hearted purposes like marriage proposals or just capturing epic shots and video.

And then there are those who try to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal with one.

In a video to promote its X‑Star Premium drone, the team at Autel Robotics demonstrates pretty much the exact opposite of what you should use a drone for. The video starts with vegetable prep, and the drone proves surprisingly efficient at peeling potatoes and carrots. It’s even not too bad at frying a turkey, with the caveat of it needing to be a turkey of considerably modest girth. However, it doesn’t take long at all for the struggle to kick in. Autel Robotics even has a disclaimer on its site because we all know how impressionable the internets can be.

But it’s all just a show of clever marketing with a very self-aware kicker at the end.

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