Drake Pumps Iron To Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” In New Apple Music Ad

Drizzy returns the favor to Swift with a workout playlist (and mishap) of his own.

Drake Pumps Iron To Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” In New Apple Music Ad

WHAT: Drake gets a wee bit too hyped up pumping iron to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” for Apple Music.

WHO: Apple Music

WHY WE CARE: Earlier this year we saw Taylor Swift get down to Drake’s “Jumpman” on the treadmill, before her lip syncing gave a whole other meaning to getting down on the treadmill. Here, Drake returns the workout playlist favor by getting hyped up to pump some iron using Swift’s “Bad Blood,” but Drizzy then gets some lip sync-induced bad luck of his own.

Like the Swift ads, here we see Drake as a human. Directed by Anthony Mandler, it starts out with all the expected posturing, but then a funny moment of extreme self-awareness takes the spot to the next level. If the past is any indication, we can probably expect more from Drake for Apple Music. As the brand’s head of content Larry Jackson (who co-wrote the ad with Mandler) told me back in April, the brand’s ad strategy is a lot like releasing a record. “You release one single, it’s got a certain longevity, then the next single drops,” said Jackson about the Swift campaign after her second ad launched. “What we’re doing here, to avoid it all fading out too soon, is using the same cadence as an album—spot comes out, hype dies down two weeks later, then out comes another spot, same thing happens, then drop the next one. So we’re using the same approach with spots as we would with singles.”

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