This Fake Ad From SNL Turns The Liberal Bubble Into a Literal Place

Anyone who didn’t see which way the wind was blowing before the election can now hang out in a microcosm of a pre-Trump safe space forever.

This Fake Ad From SNL Turns The Liberal Bubble Into a Literal Place

WHAT: The Bubble, a so-true-it-hurts fake ad.

WHO: The cast of Saturday Night Live.

WHY WE CARE: Over the weekend, the president-elect took time out from waging war with the cast of Hamilton to rail against Saturday Night Live. The man who hosted a critically savaged episode of the show one year ago sounded off about the show’s bias and lack of humor. “Equal time for us?” asked the PEOTUS, sharply cleaving himself into a separate category than some vague other kind of viewer. Some might call it hypocritical for a person who throws temper tantrums at any media organization that doesn’t bend over backwards to smooch his tail (ahoy, Sean Hannity!) to accuse anyone else of bias, but that’s a story for another time. While SNL writers may skew liberal, like seemingly most comedy writers in general, the writers don’t pull punches aimed at themselves.

On this weekend’s Kristen Wiig-hosted episode, one fake ad proved itself the spiritual sequel to the previous week’s brilliant election night sketch. In the latter, Dave Chappelle sat back and watched with great amusement as his smug New York friends got the rug pulled out from under them and their post-racial illusions shattered. In the unofficial follow-up, a similar group of people attempts to put the pieces back together–in the shape of a bubble. It’s a fake ad for a metaphor made manifest–the figurative shield from opposing viewpoints turned into an actual Under The Dome-style seclusion in plain sight. It’s an unsubtle takedown of those constantly patting themselves on the back for being open-minded while closing themselves off from anyone who disagrees.

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