Airbnb Gives A Glimpse Of Its “Trips” And “Experiences” On Facebook Live

Watching other people have fun has never been easier.

Airbnb Gives A Glimpse Of Its “Trips” And “Experiences” On Facebook Live

WHAT: A series of live videos called “We Are Here” that show people using Airbnb’s new “Places” and “Experiences” options.

WHO: Facebook Creative Shop and Radical Media for Airbnb.

WHY WE CARE: Airbnb’s looking to expand beyond just giving you a place to sleep on your next trip–the recent announcement of its “Trips” platform includes “Places,” and “Experiences” options, suggest what that might look like.

“Experiences” gives you a chance to stay with someone who, say, will hook you up with Venezuelan cooking lessons when you go to Miami, while “Places” offers immersive guides to the city you’re visiting. If that still sounds a bit vague, worry not–the “We Are Here” Facebook Live campaign shows what that actually looks like. In addition to the aforementioned cooking lessons, there’s street dancing in Seoul, surfing in L.A., activism in Cape Town, and more. As Airbnb seeks to be even more important to your next vacation or business trip, this is a chance to get a glimpse of what they have in mind.

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