Gatorade And Spotify Have Teamed Up To Soundtrack Your Workouts

Gatorade Amplify aims to serve up personalized playlists to pump you up.

Gatorade And Spotify Have Teamed Up To Soundtrack Your Workouts

WHAT: Gatorade Amplify is a brand integration with Spotify that creates a personalized soundtrack based on the type of workout you want using data analysis of your music preferences.

WHO: Gatorade, Spotify

WHY WE CARE: This is a unique collaboration in that it’s pretty on-brand for Gatorade–working out makes you sweat, non?–and takes the same type of wizardry Spotify uses for its Discover Weekly playlists and applies it to your workouts.

According to Gatorade, by selecting your preferred music genres, and duration of workout from 15 to 180 minutes, Amplify will generate a playlist fit for a variety of intense workouts. Songs will crossfade from one to the next, creating a seamless listening and workout experience. DJ Steve Aoki and the Dim Mak All-Stars also produced an original high-energy workout mix, informed by research on sonic attributes like danceability, loudness, tempo, acoustics, and energy. For Spotify Premium users, there’s an interval training portion, in which you can pick up to 50 intervals with work and rest periods of up to 10 minutes, creating a mix applicable for any kind of start-and-stop activity.

No word yet if any of the playlists include “Be Like Mike“.

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