Amy Schumer Laces Up The Boxing Gloves In Old Navy’s New Black Friday Ad

She’s got the eye of the tiger, and the heart of the cowardly lion.

Amy Schumer Laces Up The Boxing Gloves In Old Navy’s New Black Friday Ad

WHAT: Old Navy’s “Fight Night” ad.

WHO: Old Navy, Chandelier, Amy Schumer

WHY WE CARE: Schumer’s rise has been fun to watch. Her stand-up career launched her to Comedy Central and Inside Amy Schumer, and as that show came into its own, she became the sort of star who could headline a movie like Trainwreck–which, in turn, brought her to the point where she’s a viable celebrity pitch woman, doing her thing in ads that might have previously starred someone like Julia Louis-Dreyfuss or Amy Poehler. In “Fight Night,” Schumer plays the same version of herself that she often does in her stand-up–she’s clueless and shallow as she strolls up to the ring for a celebrity boxing match against an opponent who’s fiercer than she anticipated.

Over the “Eye of the Tiger” riff, Schumer hams it up for a minute before the pitch–Old Navy is giving away $100,000 a day and offering discounts up to 50%–gets shoehorned in there. Old Navy’s celebrity campaigns have walked the line between cheesy and clever for a while, and this one definitely lands on the “cheese” side of that divide–but as Schumer’s media presence just gets larger, a few duds are to be expected.

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