Good Luck Figuring Out “Where’s Waldo?” In 360-Degrees

He is as hard to spot as ever, but now there’s a new way to look for him.

Good Luck Figuring Out “Where’s Waldo?” In 360-Degrees

The ever-evasive Waldo, whose location is constantly being asked after, has become a synonym for anything hard to find. Why, just this morning he was invoked to describe the lack of diversity in the House of Representatives Republican Conference. The latest innovation in Waldo technology, however, is as hard to resist as it is to complete.

Created by Kevin Hohler, whose work you might recognize from Google Street View photography, this latest Where’s Waldo challenge is a 360-degree illustration. Navigating through the suspiciously packed town (what holiday IS this?) feels like more of a realistic investigation than that of the flat image we’re used to. This panorama adds several extra–wait for it–degrees of difficulty. The only place to go from here is creating a Where’s Waldo? VR experience that has more of a classic feel than this live action version from earlier this year.

[via Bored Panda]

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