This New Sony Playstation Ad Is Hysterically Historically Inaccurate

A medieval king has an active imagination–and electricity, video games, and comic books?

This New Sony Playstation Ad Is Hysterically Historically Inaccurate

WHAT: A new PS4 ad that walks us through a cornucopia of the gaming delights available on the platform.

WHO: Sony PlayStation, BBH New York

WHY WE CARE: One of the prime attractions of playing video games is its active escapism. We get to play in worlds and within stories far removed from our everyday lives, whether that’s in a fantastical land of beasts and sword battles, slinging webs in Marvel’s New York, or playing point guard for Golden State.

This new ad takes the idea of escapism to its extreme by introducing us to a medieval king who imagines playing video games to distract him from the tedium of the throne. It’s yet another visually stunning spot form BBH New York, but a few details may distract from full enjoyment–namely, is this a dramatization of an actual king or one from some Westerosi-like fantasy? Either way, how does he know who Spider-Man is? Does he have electricity? Is that a Eurythmics cover (yep)? WHATISHAPPENING?

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