BBC Marks Sir David Attenborough’s 90th Year With A Free App Of His Life’s Work

WHAT: “Story of Life,” a BBC app featuring an archive of 1,000 clips taken from Sir David Attenborough’s lifelong work.


WHY WE CARE: Is there a living being that does not love Sir David Attenborough? We seriously doubt it. He has spent a lifetime helping us get to know our beautiful planet and all the forms of life with which we share it. His comforting voice, the stunning filmmaking. Decades of this, and never once has he seemed less than fascinated and awed by the world as he revealed it and explained it to us. To coincide with Sir David’s 90th birthday (90, and he’s still making series!), BBC Earth is releasing an app containing the biggest-ever digital collection of his work.

The app, “Story of Life” is free, and will be released on November 17. It contains more than 1,000 of the most memorable moments filmed during his peerless career. From mountain gorillas in the series Life on Earth to snow leopards in the current series Planet Earth 2, it is all there, including, of course, Iguana v Snakes. Users can search under different headings, such as “Habitat,” “Species,” or “Behavior,” and will be able to find their own way through the archive to make a personal collection of clips, which can be shared. Sir David has provided a curated playlist, and others such as BBC filmmakers, will add their own playlists too.