The Spanish Lottery Returns With A Masterclass In Emotional Holiday Advertising

The brand follows up last year’s award-winning effort with an ode to sharing.

The Spanish Lottery Returns With A Masterclass In Emotional Holiday Advertising

WHAT: “December 21st”, the Spanish Lottery’s Christmas Lottery ad

WHO: The Spanish State Lottery (Loterías y Apuestas del Estado), Leo Burnett Madrid

WHY WE CARE: Last year, The Spanish Lottery made an epic Pixar-style ad so heart-warming it made most other festive efforts at sentimental advertising look almost amateurish. This year, it has gone for a no less ambitious cinematic spot, which tells the story of Carmina, a retired teacher living in a Spanish village. Carmina, on the morning of December 21, mistakenly thinks she has won the lottery. In fact, what she has seen is a news story on TV about the previous year’s draw. Carmina is overjoyed by her good fortune. And no one, absolutely no one, has the heart to tell her she is wrong and that the draw actually takes place the following day.

Her two sons and, eventually, the whole village, join in this subterfuge, celebrating a win that hasn’t really happened. Over time, we realize that it’s friendship and sharing joy with your loved ones that is more important than anything. This theme of sharing underpins all Spanish Christmas Lottery (Lotería de Navidad) draws because of its special format. Numbers are divided into tenths, and it has become a tradition that families, friends and colleagues buy tickets with the same number, so if they win, they win together.

In addition to the spot, a website allows users to join in the fun by offering to help keep Carmina’s excitement alive through Facebook Messenger conversations that take people through eight separate stories.

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