See Impressively Realistic Movie Posters For Sequels That Do Not Exist

Earlier this year, we saw visual artists coming together to make plausible posters for movies that were not real. A new group of artists, however, have just released a similar series–except while these movies do not exist, they purport to be sequels to ones that do.

Fittingly enough, the series itself is a sequel. Los Angeles-based experimental gallery iam8bit debuted the exhibition dubbed Sequel back in 2014. These exquisitely detailed pieces imagined The Labyrinth 2, The Iron Giants, and Spaceballs III (it’s assumed that Mel Brooks’ promised Spaceballs sequel actually happened first, I suppose.) The one for a sequel to Leon: The Professional is titled Mathilda, after the surviving character, and features the now grown-up Natalie Portman being appropriately fierce. And like any film that does incredibly well, the show proved so popular for the gallery that they’ve put together a sequel: Sequel 2.

The new exhibit features work from over 40 artists from around the world. The high-quality prints are made with acid-free paper, so they’ll maintain their integrity for a long time. These pieces include posters for imagined follow-ups to films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Being John Malkovich, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Half of the fun is seeing what the artists thought to title the sequel–Being Jeff Goldblum and Who Shot Roger Rabbit? for instance–and seeing it in the right font. It’s also interesting to see the dates on these posters, which invites viewers to imagine how excited they would have been to see a Roger Rabbit sequel back in 1990.

Have a look at more posters in the slides above, and if you’re in Los Angeles, check out the gallery for more when it opens on November 30.

[via Coming Soon]