Sure, Why Not? Lexus Made A Sriracha Sports Sedan

It’s (probably) the spiciest sports car ever made.

Sure, Why Not? Lexus Made A Sriracha Sports Sedan

WHAT: A collaboration between Lexus and Huy Fong Foods for The Los Angeles Auto Show, combining the former’s new IS sports sedan with the colors and spice of the latter.

WHO: Lexus, Huy Fong Foods, Team One

WHY WE CARE: Brand collaborations are not a new thing, but once in a while a pairing so unexpected and thorough comes along, it adds some . . .wait for it . . . spice to the whole transparent marketing exercise. Take Nike and Kyrie Irving inexplicably making Krispy Kreme shoes, for instance. This Sriracha-flavored Lexus, however, is even weirder than dunks and donuts.

And yet. It’s still pretty damn cool, right? I mean, let’s geek out for a minute. There is Sriracha sauce in the paint to create the Sriracha Red color, complete with flecks of chili-like flakes, and the paint job was designed to mimic Sriracha sauce inside the bottle and topped with a clear coating. A Sriracha-like liquid was cast in resin, then formed into the steering wheel. The settings for the seat warmers and AC/heating system have been upgraded to go from cool to Sriracha hot. The leather seats are hand-embroidered with the Huy Fong rooster logo. The sauce’s bottle-cap green can be found highlighting the car’s grill, the interior cabin mood lighting, the chrome side view mirror accents, and in hand-stitching on the seats. Oh, and the trunk’s full of Sriracha. And the key fob doubles as a remote sauce dispenser, too.

Now all we need is a rust brown Heinz 57 Dodge Stratus.

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