This iPhone-Shot Film Is A Story Told In Texts From An Ancient Nokia

Watch a short film chronicling a sad story told in texts found in a Nokia phone lost over a decade ago.

This iPhone-Shot Film Is A Story Told In Texts From An Ancient Nokia

WHAT: A short documentary film about technology, communication, and what we say when we’re not actually talking to each other.

WHO: Filmmaker Victoria Mapplebeck.

WHY WE CARE: When director Mapplebeck recharged her vintage cellphone, she found 100 texts that opened a long-faded wound in her heart. These texts recount her meeting a man through a dating agency, the kind that existed before Tinder was a twinkle in Sean Rad’s eye. (Never forget that the creator of Tinder is named “Sean Rad.”) They went out on some dates, they broke up, they had an unplanned pregnancy.

In order to deal with the pain of reliving that whole experience, Mapplebeck made a short film that shows the time in between texts, the places where she received them, and the spaces in between a relationship that’s not quite developing. Mapplebeck hammers home the time difference with a technological innovation–this Nokia-era story is now depicted in a film shot entirely on an iPhone. It’s hard to imagine the spaces in between iPhone texts of two people who are dating being shorter than their predecessor’s, even if the pain they cause is the same kind of pain.

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