The Mountain From “Game of Thrones” Thinks It’s Shameful To Not Use Sodastream

Mother Earth deserves better, argues an enormous fictional character in this clever ad for plastic bottle-free seltzer.

The Mountain From “Game of Thrones” Thinks It’s Shameful To Not Use Sodastream

WHAT: A new ad for Sodastream, inspired by Game of Thrones, and featuring some of the actors from the show.

WHO: Allenby Concept House, along with Hannah Waddingham and Thor Björnsson.

WHY WE CARE: Game of Thrones cast members in unlikely places is its own category of entertainment. Everybody looks so different in regular people clothes and also in luau garb! One of the least likely places Co.Create thought to look for these folks, though, was in a Sodastream commercial, and in character no less.

The jump-off of the three-minute ad is a scene set in a grocery store, where an unassuming young man is buying some sparkling water. In a callback to the famous NSFW “Shame!” scene from season five, though, this man is made to feel bad for his purchase by none other than Septa Unella from the Most Devout, ruling council of the Faith of the Seven. If that isn’t bad enough for the poor guy, he soon has to answer to another more rock formation-like character from the show, who also disapproves of this choice. It’s a memorable association that viewers might bring with them the next time they dare spend money on plastic bottles.

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