Alibaba Uses Taglines From Nike, Dove, And More For China’s Biggest Shopping Day

The e-commerce really just did it.

Alibaba Uses Taglines From Nike, Dove, And More For China’s Biggest Shopping Day

WHAT: An ad for the Tmal 11.11 shopping festival, also known as Singles Day in China, the country’s biggest e-commerce sales day that generated $17.79 billion in sales in 24 hours.

WHO: Alibaba, Fred & Farid

WHY WE CARE: What if you took a laundry list of the world’s most recognizeable brand taglines and spliced them together? Would they form a powerful marketing Voltron, able to convince us to buy just about anything, all at once? Or would it be like if someone turned that motivational poster in your dentist’s office into a 30-second ad about nothing?

Thanks to Alibaba, we get to find out, since they’ve weaved together slogans from brands like Evian, Under Armour, Dove, Nike, Levi’s, Vans, Ray-Ban, Johnnie Walker, The North Face, Canon, Vidal Sassoon, and more. As ridiculous as it seems, agency Fred & Farid know that is just what a massive shopping event like this is–people rushing around jumping from brand to brand to find the deals they want–and have made the perfect commercial embodiment of it.

Here’s the full script:

I will (Under Armour) change your destiny (SK-II), you can be anything (Barbie); always in beta (New Balance). It takes courage (Ray-Ban) to be forward thinking (smart), but hey my beauty, my say (Dove).

Capture different (GoPro), ready for more (Converse) because you are worth it (L’Oréal Paris). Life’s good (LG), delighting you always (Canon); Live young (Evian), you got no strings (beats), Just do it (Nike).

Live in (Levi’s) mad intense (Stride), off the wall (Vans) ways. We break the rule (Vidal Sassoon), keep walking (Johnnie Walker), and never stop exploring (The North Face).

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