Mrs. Claus Is A James Bond-Style Badass For Marks & Spencer’s Xmas Ad

Mrs Claus 2016 does not sit at home, sipping tea.

Mrs. Claus Is A James Bond-Style Badass For Marks & Spencer’s Xmas Ad

WHAT: “Christmas with Love, Mrs Claus,” holiday spot from British retailer Marks & Spencer, featuring a very slick Mrs Claus.

WHO: Marks and Spencer, RKCR/Y&R

WHY WE CARE: If you want something to get done right, get a woman to do it. Amirite, ladies? This highly intelligent holiday ad from U.K. retail chain M&S, introduces us to Mrs Claus, wife of Santa, just as he is preparing to leave on his annual gift distribution journey. Mrs Claus, played by Janet McTeer, receives a letter from Jake, (“aged 6, but 7 in two weeks”) asking her to help him give a present to his older sister whom he has apparently spent most of the previous year irritating.

The three-minute ad was directed by Academy Award winner, Tom Hooper, (The King’s Speech).

As Mrs. Claus snaps into action, her stylish, sophisticated efforts make her husband’s look quaint, even hapless, in comparison. Mrs Claus has all the gizmos–a hidden room, a snowmobile, a secret ice cave, a lipstick red helicopter, which she flies herself. Of course she does! She saves the day for Jake, rather touchingly, and is safely ensconced on her sofa again, just before her clueless husband returns. To say this spot will appeal to Marks & Spencer’s core customers of 55-year-old women is an understatement.

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