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The Countries Americans Most Want To Move To After The Election

Make some room, New Zealand.

The Countries Americans Most Want To Move To After The Election
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In November 2004, when George W. Bush won his second term as president, there was a small spike in Google searches about moving to Canada. On Election Day this year, the jump in searches was roughly seven times as large.

Canada–where at least one community is actively recruiting Americans fleeing Trump–got more immigration-related searches than any other country on November 9 (and late on the night of the 8th). People in every state were searching “move to Canada,” and Canada’s immigration website actually crashed.

New Zealand and Australia were the next most popular–especially with people in Oregon and Colorado. “Move to Mexico” came next (popular with people in New Mexico), followed by “move to Sweden” (especially popular in Minnesota). Germany followed, and then–despite Brexit–the U.K. Next came Spain, Japan, and several European countries.

Most people won’t actually move, but it’s worth noting that some countries make it relatively easy, especially if you have particular skills. New Zealand, for example, is currently encouraging social entrepreneurs to move, and a new VC firm will help with the paperwork. The New Zealand program lasts three years, almost long enough to cover the Trump presidency.

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