Shaq And Kendrick Lamar Make An Odd Couple For American Express

WHAT: American Express’s new Small Business Saturday ad campaign.

WHO: The campaign stars Shaquille O’Neal and Kendrick Lamar.

WHY WE CARE: Small Business Saturday is a good idea, and one that tends to get overshadowed by its bigger, deep-discounted cousin on Black Friday. You know who doesn’t get overshadowed by much? Shaq. As a rapper, he might have lacked the skills to sustain a lengthy career (although Shaq Diesel was underrated!), but in these AmEx spots for the shopping event, he’s paired with Kendrick Lamar, who can overshadow just about anybody on the mic (that “Control” verse!).

The ads are charming–Lamar and Shaq have an easy chemistry–and interesting visually, if only because Kendrick is a little guy, and Shaq is . . . not. The two hang out in a store enjoying custom, small-batch soaps, and they sell the idea of Small Business Saturday mostly by making hanging out together while shopping look like a fun way to spend your time.