The Anti-Snore Wearable Makes You Roll Over When You’re Snoring

Another job outsourced to a robot (this one, your sleeping partner will be happy to let go of).

If you snore, you’re probably subjected to nightly pokes and prods from your partner, forcing you to shift positions to one where you don’t make as much of a racket. Your partner, of course, is subjected to your snoring. But what if technology could take over the poking duties? Because people only snore when they’re laying on their back, the people behind the Anti-Snore Wearable designed an armband that notices your sleeping position and forces you to turn onto your side. (They certainly didn’t spend any time coming up with a catchy name, that’s for sure.)


The device, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, is as simple as can be. It’s an elastic armband with a leather pouch that holds a small vibrating disc. This disc connects to your phone using Bluetooth, and–when the companion app detects that you’re snoring–the company claims it vibrates just enough to make you change position, but not enough to wake you up. It’s like the gentle poke you might get from your sleeping partner the first time you snore (and not the malicious jab they administer after their third hour of being kept awake by your thunderous racket).

If you think this isn’t a product for you, you might want to check out the Do I Snore app, for iPhones and Androids, which monitors your sleeping sounds and uses an algorithm to recognize when you start snoring, and plots the results on a chart. So, if you refuse to believe that you do actually shake the ceiling every night with your nocturnal rumblings, your partner can now prove it to you. The app also detects teeth grinding.

Joking aside, snoring may be a nightmare for anyone who shares a bed, or even a house, with you, but it’s also unhealthy. If you live alone, you don’t have anyone to poke you, then something like the Anti-Snore Wearable might help you avoid something like sleep apnea.

The Anti-Snore Wearable will cost you a $76 Kickstarter pledge, and a long wait until at least June of next year, if the campaign succeeds. The app is free, and available now on both iPhone and Android.


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