GoPro Wants You To Put Down The Damn Phone And Just Keep Doing What You’re Doing

The brand launches its first-ever scripted TV commercial.

GoPro Wants You To Put Down The Damn Phone And Just Keep Doing What You’re Doing

WHAT: In the brand’s first-ever scripted TV commercial, GoPro urges us all to not stop what we’re doing to capture what we’re doing.

WHO: GoPro

WHY WE CARE: It’s kind of amazing to think that a brand with such a stellar reputation for marketing content has never made a traditional TV ad before. It’s all eagles, and firefighters saving kittens, and Red Bull action sports… until now.

As part of its larger “Capture Different” campaign, the spot juxtaposes the experience of documenting your special moments with your phone versus with a GoPro. Basically, they’re saying put down your damn phone and live your life (with a GoPro on your head, natch). It’s the brand’s first traditional, scripted ad, and as far as TV commercials go, it’s pretty damn good. The company says this campaign marks a significant shift in strategy to target a broader consumer audience, and a shift in tone to signal a more accessible, inclusive GoPro that is relevant to all consumers, not just extreme athletes.

And speaking of shifts, for a brand that’s popularity was built on the back of viral digital content, this is GoPro’s largest TV ad buy to date. The spot will air for the first time on primetime U.S. television on November 10 (during ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder), during the Patriots-Seahawks game on November 13, and then internationally in the U.K., Australia, Korea, Germany, France.

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