NFLer Rob Gronkowski Rocks Out With His Gronk Out For “Madden 17”

Whoa-oh, you need another player, indeed.

NFLer Rob Gronkowski Rocks Out With His Gronk Out For “Madden 17”

WHAT: A new ad/music video for Madden NFL 17 called “Catchin’ With Flair (feat. Rob Gronkowski).”

WHO: EA Sports, Heat SF

WHY WE CARE: EA has the unique challenge of marketing its Madden franchise as enthusiasm waxes and wanes throughout the course of the NFL season. To accomplish that this year, they’ve had the league’s stars lobby directly to the game’s players for a spot on their roster– riffing on Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” by dropping a karaoke remix called “Start Me.”

Since Rob Gronkowski is one of the NFL’s biggest personalities, it only makes sense to follow that up with an ad in which the New England Patriots’ tight end dons a full ‘80s headbanger outfit and rips through an off-key rendition of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer,” with the confidence of a man who has never been told he’s bad at anything in his life. If that doesn’t make you want to trade for Gronk in your connected franchise, well, you clearly haven’t heard Slippery When Wet–or run enough seam routes.

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