From Marathon Running To Telling Better Stories: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week’s top stories may help you stay better hydrated, tell more compelling stories, or even consider marathon training.


This week we learned why many of the “stories” leaders tell are anything but, why the way Hillary Clinton conceded the election was so crucial, and some surprising ways marathon training and first-time entrepreneurship can inform one another.


These are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of November 7:

1. The Top Four Mistakes That Make Business Leaders Awful Storytellers

“Let me tell you a story real quick” is not a good way to start telling a story, says one expert on business communication. Worse still, some people think the information they’re sharing amounts to a story–and present it that way–when it really isn’t. Here’s how to do it right.

2. How Running A Marathon Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

This startup founder ran the Berlin Marathon for the first time earlier this year. As runners descended on New York City last weekend for the same grueling gauntlet, Svetlana Dotsenko shares how her training regimen helped her tackle the learning curve as a first-time entrepreneur.

3. This Is How You Concede An Election

Hillary Clinton conceded the presidential race to Donald J. Trump in a stunning upset this week. On the eve of the election, we looked at how previous defeated candidates have handled that hard task–and why it’s so important.

4. Six Things Great Bosses Constantly Remind Their Teams

The most effective managers aren’t just welcoming and supportive unilaterally. They create cultures based on an open dialogue with their team members–and that takes continual action. These are some of the simple, repeated behaviors it takes to generate that trust.

5. Can Drinking 8 Glasses Of Water A Day Make You More Productive?

Can hydration impact your mood and make you more productive? It’s far from certain, but several recent studies hint at links in those directions. One writer adopts a water-chugging regimen and reports back on how it affects him.