Ikea Put A Typical Syrian Home In One Of Its Showrooms

The retailer’s Norwegian flagship teamed with the Red Cross to bring the plight of refugees to life for those in positions to help.

Ikea Put A Typical Syrian Home In One Of Its Showrooms

WHAT: Ikea Slependen, the retailer’s Norwegian flagship, used one of its familiar room displays to create a replica of a real Syrian home in order to illustrate the challenges facing a typical Syrian family.

WHO: Ikea, Norwegian Red Cross, POL

WHY WE CARE: Sometimes the gravity of a situation doesn’t come into view until it’s right in front of your face. It’s why an outpouring of support for Syrian refugees was sparked by the photo of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi’s body washed up on a Turkish beach. From October 17 to 31, Ikea used a familiar place (its showrooms) to both, bring the plight of many Syrians into sharp focus, and provide people with an outlet to help–price tags were actually donation slips for the Red Cross. According to the agency POL, about 40,000 people saw the display every week, and the effort raised around 22 million Euros.

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