What Facebook Might Do For Your Average Suburban Drug Dealer

This short film centers on a folksy cocaine dealer who sees his business boom from social media, but is sad to lose that homespun touch.

What Facebook Might Do For Your Average Suburban Drug Dealer

WHAT: Barry, a short film that puts a folksy spin on Weeds-style shows about suburban drug dealers.

WHO: Filmmaker Jay Rondot.

WHY WE CARE: Walter White, he ain’t. Barry is a bowtie-and-glasses-wearing people person. He may sell drugs, but he does so with the kind of low-key charm that bakers sell homemade cookies. He prizes the personal touch, puts a lot of thought into packaging, and tries to keep the overhead down “so we can pass the savings on to our customers.” But then he is inspired to try using Facebook in earnest to grow his business, and it goes both better and worse than expected. Barry is a satire of shows like Weeds and Breaking Bad, replacing the antihero lead with a naive charmer who inexplicably fell into the business of selling drugs. His drug of choice, cocaine, may be far more dangerous than that of Weeds‘ Nancy Botwin, but the way he sells it makes it seem completely innocuous. It’s one of the funnier commentaries on drug culture this side of High Maintenance.

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