• 11.09.16

For Americans Ready To Leave, This Swedish Creative Agency Wants To Offer You A Job

We hear Scandinavia is great this time of (the next four) years.

For Americans Ready To Leave, This Swedish Creative Agency Wants To Offer You A Job

If you woke up this morning cycling between despair and terror and a desire to flee, a Swedish creative agency wants to help. Round & Round has come up with a smart human resources plan: offering jobs to Americans who want to leave the country. “You are looking for a new country, we are looking for new talent,” reads their recruitment website, called The Great Trump Escape.


Of course, this is a time when the U.S. needs sane people to stick around. But for those who can’t stomach living under Trump, it’s an option to live–at least temporarily–in a country that believes in five weeks of mandatory vacation, good healthcare, and 480 days of paid leave for new parents. As of early this morning, the agency already had 250 applications from American creatives.

“A lot of kind, sad, personal emails from a lot of really talented people, unfortunately,” says Andreas Ullenius, executive creative director and co-founder at Round & Round.

Ullenius isn’t sure how complex the red tape will be, but the company will help navigate the process. Though they were hoping the new website wouldn’t actually be needed, they’re serious about hiring. “We have a big need for more English-speaking writers,” he says.

“I’m sorry,” he says. “I don’t want to be judgmental or patronizing–we have our issues in Sweden too–but wow, it’s a sad day. Not because I don’t think you can handle it, the U.S. is a great nation with or without The Donald, but it just makes me so sad that people like him, with his views, his rhetoric, and well, asshole behavior, can actually go all the way to be the most powerful person in the world.”

[All Images: via Round & Round]

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