Corona Does Not Appreciate Trump’s Position On Mexicans Either

Just in time for Election Day, this ad for Corona reminds you there are no walls (between you and a beer, or otherwise.)

Corona Does Not Appreciate Trump’s Position On Mexicans Either

WHAT: A new ad from Corona, promoting the idea of tearing down walls. (Including a certain controversial, as yet hypothetical one.)

WHO: Ad agency Leo Burnett Mexico and actor Diego Luna.

WHY WE CARE: “All of us are angry at the wall that mad man wants to build,” a visibly distraught Diego Luna says at the top of this ad, in subtitled Spanish. Donald Trump’s proposed immigration-halting wall looms large over the piece, but so does the idea of freedom and everything that is the opposite of a wall. Corona’s new campaign is called “Desfronterizate,” a word the brand and Leo Burnett coined, meaning “break your barriers.” The rest of the ad demonstrates some of the many mental walls that hold back not only Mexicans but everyone, and reminds viewers that walls can be toppled. On this particular election night, it’s an encouraging message to receive.

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