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Five Genomics Startups That Want To Unlock Your Secrets

These companies are harnessing DNA for promising insights into ancestry, health risks, and more.

Five Genomics Startups That Want To Unlock Your Secrets

Machine learning: Helix’s access to Illumina sequencers, shown here, allows it to process DNA affordably.

[Photo: Noel Spirandelli for Fast Company]


Anne Wojcicki’s DNA testing company has rebounded from its 2013 FDA slapdown by concentrating on genealogy and slowly reintroducing health reports. It’s also working with researchers to help in drug discovery and development.

The genealogy giant, which focuses on connecting customers with lost relatives, claims some 1.5 million genomes in its database, thanks to its AncestryDNA testing kit.


Like Helix, this new service promises to bring down the cost of sequencing. Users will be able to peruse genetic insights online via a data-visualization tool.

Color Genomics

Founded by veterans of Google and Twitter, Color looks for common genes associated with a higher risk of hereditary cancers for a flat rate of $224.

Veritas Genetics

For $999, it puts your whole genome on a smartphone and offers information on health- and lifestyle-related genes.

A version of this article appeared in the December 2016/January 2017 issue of Fast Company magazine.