Spotify Celebrates Awkward Family Texting With Music

That time you found out your dad knows who Desiigner is.

Spotify Celebrates Awkward Family Texting With Music

WHAT: A new campaign to promote the streaming service’s family plans taps into the meme-tastic world of awkward texts with your parents.

WHO: Spotify

WHY WE CARE: Look, just admit it. We’ve all laughed at least a few times over the last few what feels like 15 years at the various clickbait articles on awkward family texts. Oh the hilarity of autocorrect, amirite? I don’t care if they’re fake or not, it’s funny. Here, Spotify cleverly adapts this phenomenon to music, imagining a time when your dad recites Desiigner or maybe your parents drop a text duet of Twisted Sister. These things happen.

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