Eleven From “Stranger Things” Stars In Her First Music Video

The 12-year-old star unveils her lip-syncing skills.

Eleven From “Stranger Things” Stars In Her First Music Video

WHAT: The new music video for the song “Find Me” by Sigma, featuring Birdy.

WHO: The video, directed by Christopher Sims, stars Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown.

WHY WE CARE: The song is good, but let’s be honest: We’re writing about this because it’s the first appearance of Millie Bobby Brown–who played everybody’s favorite Halloween costume in this summer’s smash Netflix hit Stranger Things–as something other than Eleven (or herself on a late-night talk show). Given how iconic her part on Stranger Things turned out to be, she’s a talent worth watching–and this is our first chance to see her perform in any other role. Lip-syncing Birdy’s vocals in a music video isn’t exactly an indication of whether she’s going to earn an Oscar, but with the camera trained on her face in close-up for the bulk of the video, she carries the song’s pleading emotion well, and while we suspect that she may have her choice of roles in the near future, she’s also definitely got a bright future ahead of her as a music video star.

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