One 80-Year-Old Man’s Horrible Life All Leads To A Tasty Burger

British brand Rustlers looks back at the not-so good ol’ days.

One 80-Year-Old Man’s Horrible Life All Leads To A Tasty Burger

WHAT: A 60-second fast-track through the trials and tribulations of one man’s life, courtesy of U.K. food brand Rustlers.

WHO: Rustlers, Droga5 London

WHY WE CARE: The good old days, eh? It’s been a common theme of late, with both “Make America Great Again” and the U.K.’s Brexit slogan, “Let’s take our country back” both tapping into the idea of things being so much better in some unspecific era, when everyone was happy and prosperous, and life was somehow more wholesome in our glorious nations.

The clue is in the title of Rustlers’ new spot, “80 Years of Torment.” The ad follows a man’s life from boyhood to old age, during which he experiences every conceivable hardship, almost all of which were pretty commonplace during the periods covered. Perhaps not everything was as wonderful as some people seem to believe. In the final scene he is seen tucking into his “proper flame grilled burger” that cooks in 90 seconds. “What a time to be alive” the final frame says. You can say that again.

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