• 11.01.16

Test Your Pop Culture Prowess: Presenting “Scenes You’ve Seen: Game Edition” Part One

Co.Create has teamed with the stock video wizards at Dissolve to create the ultimate stock footage-based trivia challenge.

When we first saw Dissolve’s great ongoing series “Scenes You’ve Seen,” in which the stock video firm recreates blockbuster movies scenes using clips from its vast collection of stock footage, it was love at first click. So heading into this fall’s blockbuster season, we thought it might be fun to team up to create a trivia game version of the series. After a few passionate yet crudely worded fan letters, a carrier pigeon message, three phone calls, and a Google Hangout session, they agreed!


The result is a new three-part series, “Scenes You’ve Seen: Game Edition.” Now, there’s just three things you need to do. Watch the sequences, guess the movies depicted, then name the actor who appears in all three films. Oh wait, I lied, there’s a fourth thing: Once you’re done congratulating yourself on being so damn smart, go over to the Co.Create Facebook page to let us know your best guesses and theories to impress everyone with your feats of overall movie trivia strength.

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