B-Reel Reimagines Classic “Claw” Game As A Recruitment Tool

Full-service creative agency B-Reel’s new spin on a classic game lets users play to win job interviews.

B-Reel Reimagines Classic “Claw” Game As A Recruitment Tool

Looking for a job can be a lot like The Claw arcade game you might’ve played as a kid. To win, you need some combination of luck, good timing, and a strategy for closing in on the target you have the highest chance of picking up.

Creative agency B-Reel is making that metaphor literal with a new recruitment tool called “Claw Your Way to the Top.” The online game lets users play to win job interviews for various positions at B-Reel, and the interviews range from video calls with the management team to surfing with B-Reel’s chief creative officer. But the coolest part of all this is that when players move the virtual claw in hopes of snagging a new gig, they’ll actually be moving a physical claw machine in B-Reel’s New York offices.

Over the course of six months, B-Reel’s team built a functional, digitized Claw machine filled with 3-D printed toys that have unique RFID sticker codes that correspond to different types of interviews. The Claw has sensors that allow it to pick up the code and send it to the internet so players can see their prize in real time. And it actually works — attendees at the Fast Company Innovation Festival got to be among the first to try out the game (note: it’s possibly more difficult than a real Claw).

“We like to have fun with seemingly the most mundane things,” says B-Reel’s managing director Andy Williams. “Recruitment can be a bit of a drab, sterile place, and The Claw pokes fun at the luck involved when getting jobs.”

B-Reel hopes to have the game up for six weeks or so (or until they burn out the Claw). Take a whack at it over at B-Reel.