Red Cross Shows The Terrifying Human Cost Of Tough Rhetoric And War Without Rules

New PSA campaign seeks to remind people of the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian laws.

Red Cross Shows The Terrifying Human Cost Of Tough Rhetoric And War Without Rules

WHAT: New “Victory By Any Means” campaign that highlights the human cost of ignoring the Geneva Conventions.

WHO: International Committee of the Red Cross, DigitasLbi, Kitcatt Nohr

WHY WE CARE: On an almost daily basis, stories from conflict zones around the world roll in, bringing horrific news of the latest school to have been bombed, or a hospital or humanitarian convoy that has been destroyed. This has become so commonplace that, even though we are enraged and appalled, we are also unsurprised.

This campaign from International Committee of the Red Cross is here to remind us that there are rules of war, that international humanitarian laws exist, and that the Geneva Conventions are there to help preserve decent human values in times of conflict. A 60-second film and supporting print ads are so brutally simple that the true price of war without rules is inescapable. It takes the kind of populist emotional rhetoric, such as “We will fight fire with fire!” that has become so prevalent in the last few years, and shows what the real consequences are of that are. The film invites viewers to visit a website and learn more about the Geneva Conventions.

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