Tesla’s Elon Musk Announces New Solar Tiles That “Should Last Longer” Than Your House

The stunning new tiles, made of quartz glass and coming in four distinct styles, should be available for installation in 2017.

Tesla’s Elon Musk Announces New Solar Tiles That “Should Last Longer” Than Your House

Tesla is building and launching its own line of solar panels, some of which are stunningly beautiful tiles that look better than most roofing material. During a press conference on Friday night at Los Angeles’s Universal Studios, on the set of Desperate Housewives, Elon Musk’s company unveiled panels with integrated batteries that can either be mounted on top of a car or on the roof of a home.

Made of long-lasting quartz glass, the roofing comes in four styles, including “Textured Glass Tile,” “Slate Glass Tile,” “Tuscan Glass Tile, and “Smooth Glass Tile,” drawing in enough solar energy to power a home when paired with one of Tesla’s Powerwall batteries. At the event, Musk bragged that “they should last longer than the house.”

At the event, where suburban-style homes on the Universal lot were outfitted with solar panels and solar-enabled Teslas in the driveway, Tesla and SolarCity CEO Elon Musk said that “installed cost is less than a normal roof and the cost of electricity.” However, the company did not give detailed pricing information at the press conference.

An updated version of the Powerwall batteries will be released to accompany the solar panels. One of the most interesting parts of the demonstration units on display at the press conference (which were non-operational on the Housewives home at the event) is how unobtrusive they are. They blend into both the roof of the car and the home; a casual observer would not notice that they are there.

According to Musk, installation of the tiles will begin in the summer of 2017.

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