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Look Past The Language Barrier In This New Promo For “Arrival”

Like Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner do in the film, these people learn to communicate without a common language.

Look Past The Language Barrier In This New Promo For “Arrival”

WHAT: A new promo for Paramount’s Arrival, which lands in theaters on November 11.

WHO: The film stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, while the promo involves a number of people who all speak different languages.

WHY WE CARE: Arrival fits into the unique genre of “prestige fall science fiction”–the same category as, say, Interstellar or Gravity. Those films tend to be more challenging than, say, Independence Day: Resurgence, so explaining to audiences what they’re about and what themes they get into requires a different approach. For Arrival, which deals with an attempt to learn how to communicate with alien ships that appear in a handful of locations around the world, that theme gets explored expertly in this brief spot, released today via Twitter: people from different parts of the world, with no common language, learn how to communicate the important things about themselves–that they’re pregnant, or that they recently lost a parent–and form a connection based around that shared experience. It’s the idea at the heart of Arrival‘s concept, and shows the human concerns in a movie about aliens–no mean feat, but an effective way to get that across.

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