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Here’s How Agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland’s “Dump Trump” Food Truck Turned Out

Spoiler: It involved a whole lot of baloney.

Here’s How Agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland’s “Dump Trump” Food Truck Turned Out

Last Friday and Saturday, Wieden+Kennedy took a quick diversion out of the ad game and into the sandwich game: The agency’s Portland branch launched a politically themed activation in the form of a food truck serving up “Donald Trump’s BS,” which meant a whole lot of menu options that, ultimately, all turned out to be baloney.

It’s a bit on-the-nose, perhaps–and not as provocative a statement in a liberal safe-haven like Portland as it might have been in, say, West Virginia–but you’ve gotta give W+K points for the concept and execution. That execution is something we can see in full now, as the agency released a video showing exactly how the two-day affair turned out. The lines were long, the guy running the food truck looked a lot like Eric Trump, the people were ultimately disappointed with their nasty baloney sandwiches, the one angry conservative who showed up heckled and got heckled back, and the sandwiches were served up with quotes from Trump that highlight exactly why the agency felt it necessary to set up during this contentious election season.

“With 18 days to go and our fate in the hands of American voters, a new food truck has arrived in the mecca of food-cart culture to serve sandwiches to the people, with a healthy dose of factual information,” Wieden+Kennedy told AdWeek on Monday, explaining that they were moved by the Republican nominee’s statements to express their distaste at Trump’s candidacy through the medium of sandwich wrapper. “We’ve debunked some of Donald Trump’s remarks on eight custom designed sandwich wrappers, across five different types of–you guessed it–baloney sandwiches.” The end result looks pretty satisfying, even if the sandwiches mostly look to have ended up in the trash.

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