What We’re Looking Out For In Amazon’s Q3 Earnings Report

Amazon has had a good year thus far–huge revenue, AWS expansion. We’ll be looking to see if its various pursuits are still going to plan.

What We’re Looking Out For In Amazon’s Q3 Earnings Report founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. [Photo: David Ryder/Getty Images]

Amazon is set to report its quarterly earnings report tomorrow, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for some key takeaways. Over the last year, the company has been seeing green, with five profitable quarters in a row. Revenue for the Jeff Bezos-owned company has been steady; last quarter it hit $30.4 billion, which was a 31% increase year over year.


Now we’re waiting to see how long this streak can last and what it’s going to do to keep up the pace.

Here are our takeaways from Q2’s report:

There are a few things beyond revenue that we’ll be looking out for too:

International expansion: Amazon has slowly been rolling out Prime to other parts of the world, including India, the U.K., and Japan. We’ll be looking out for any numbers showing how these roll-outs are going and whether or not other regions will be added to the mix.


Digital content: The company has been doubling down on content, with Prime Video going beyond the U.S. and into India. Last quarter CFO Brian Olsavsky announced that the company planned to triple the number of Amazon TV shows and movies. We’ll be looking for more details on that.

AWS growth: Amazon’s back-end services are quietly taking over the web. Last quarter its revenue saw 88% year-over-year growth. We’ll be looking to see if that growth is steady and if the company has anything else to add.

New services: There have been endless rumors that Amazon is considering getting into logistics, since shipping is such an integral part of its service. While the company has been leasing trucks and planes, it has yet to officially say how (or if) it plans to enter the space. When asked, the company always says these purchases are to speed up delivery time. Let’s see if they say anything more this quarter.[/list]

There’s a lot more to look out for, too–namely, more hardware stats about products like the Echo. Amazon has a lot on its plate and hopefully tomorrow we’ll get a temperature on how these things are going. We’ll post the results as soon as they’re live.

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