This Campaign Wants Girls To Keep Playing Baseball Instead Of Switching To Softball

Put ’em in, coach, they’re ready to play.

This Campaign Wants Girls To Keep Playing Baseball Instead Of Switching To Softball

WHAT: A campaign from Baseball For All, a 501(c)3 organization devoted to getting more girls into baseball.

WHO: The ad was created by BBDO Atlanta.

WHY WE CARE: If ever there was a time when baseball fans believed anything was possible, it would be the final week of October 2016. The Chicago Cubs are in the World Series–against the Cleveland Indians, of all teams. Fox’s Pitch is in the middle of its first season, showing the world what the first female pitcher in Major League Baseball might look like in a fictional form. (Read our interview with the show’s creator, Rick Singer, for more on that.) And regardless who wins the World Series, most people watching won’t have been alive the last time the champs won one. But also: Baseball might be a gender-inclusive sport when kids are little, but the message fans receive after they hit middle-school age is that it’s for boys only, and one thing that’s not possible is for girls to keep playing as they get older. (Even Mo’ne Davis, the fast-pitching Little League World Series star from 2014, has shifted her focus to basketball now that she’s 15.) But that’s something that Baseball For All aims to change, and their new ad features a lot of girls showing their stuff on the field, reciting the words to John Fogerty’s “Centerfield” to let their coaches know that they should put ’em in–they’re ready to play.

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