Iams Explores The Relationship Between Dogs And Owners In New “Dogumentaries”

The heartwarming story of Karma and Susan will ring true to every dog owner.

Iams Explores The Relationship Between Dogs And Owners In New “Dogumentaries”

WHAT: A short “dogumentary” (get it?!?) profile of how a rescue dog named Karma helped a recent retiree find her groove in a new home.

WHO: Mars Petcare, Tribal Worldwide

WHY WE CARE: We always have time for stories about dogs and their owners, an emotional bond that is unique in our human experience. And for a relationship that is so emotional, it should come as no surprise that pet food marketers would tap into the idea of first convincing your heart that their brand is the right fit for you and your furry best friend. Pedigree has been doing it for a long while, particularly tying its brand to helping rescue dogs, and its Mars Petcare sibling Iams is also no stranger to the the goosebumps and heartstrings game. Last year it was a boy and his dog Duck, and now a new set of stories, starting with Susan and Karma, illustrating how a dog can be the catalyst to a healthier life, both physically and emotionally. There’s also another film about Jody and Levi, and how they helped each other regain strength after being physically harmed.

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