Steph Curry Aims To Write A New Chapter To His Legend In New Under Armour Ad

Forget all the old stories, the Golden State Warriors star is only interested in moving forward.

WHAT: A new Under Armour ad for the latest addition to Steph Curry’s signature footwear collection, the Curry 3.


WHO: Under Armour, Droga5, Steph Curry, director Harmony Korine

WHY WE CARE: Every legendary athlete has an origin story. The humble beginnings and meteoric rise that becomes a folklore among fans. Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school team. Wayne Gretzky’s backyard rink. And when it comes to Steph Curry, it’s his growing up with an NBA dad, taking shot after shot after shot after shot to perfect his technique. His near perfection illustrated in nicknames and phrases like “video game mode,” “pocket full of dimes,” or his obsessive practice regimen, the fact most scouts said he was too small for the NBA. It’s been repeated so often over the last few years it’s now old news.

But here Curry reminds us that there’s one story that isn’t same ol’, same ol’, and that’s the one of him and the Warriors losing the championship last season to LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now Curry is mad about how that tale turned out and wants to make it old news. Directed by acclaimed indie fimmaker Harmony Korine, the spot takes on Under Armour’s recent affinity for darker tones, as we see Curry working hard–at times in what looks like a training mask we spotted in the highlights from Under Armour’s 2015 Future Show–while Bay Area locals spin the new yarn.

In a statement, Curry said, “The last year has been an incredible roller coaster of emotions, and this campaign completely captures those highs and lows. This year, it’s all about recalibrating to understand there’s still so much left to do and achieve on the court and with Under Armour. This film, and the work we’ve done on the Curry 3, jumpstarts that mindset—knowing that the next chapter in our story will be written only by perseverance and the will to succeed.”

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