Late Night Roundup: Nasty Puppets, Bad Hombres, And The Third Presidential Debate

Nobody has more respect for the surreal comedy that took place at UNLV than these late night hosts.

Late Night Roundup: Nasty Puppets, Bad Hombres, And The Third Presidential Debate

It was the third and final debate of the 2016 Presidential election and it did not disappoint. Well, at least when it comes to comedy. As a mechanism of American democracy, of course, it was a complete dumpster fire (WRONG!), didn’t actually address some of the more important questions facing the country like climate change (NO!), or do anything to offer us even the slightest glimmer of hope when it comes to political discourse in this country (NASTY INTRO!).


Once again, Stephen Colbert was broadcasting live after the third debate, and the Late Night host thought three may be the perfect number for this election because “because two is not quite enough” but “four would make us go cannibal.” Colbert’s 11-minute monologue is a thing of beauty, and there was even a puppet show!

He then went on to interview FiveThirtyEight founding editor Nate Silver on his analysis of how Donald Trump fared this time out.

Meanwhile on the West coast, Jimmy Kimmel reminded us of the debate rules–no cheering, no clapping, no booing, and no answering the actual questions asked–then served up a greatest hits montage of Trump’s succinct interruption style.

But that wasn’t all! Kimmel also had special debate correspondent Ken Bone at UNLV to report on the proceedings, discuss the importance of voting, and the cleanliness of that red sweater. After his appearance Bone was heading to L.A. to take a break from politics and go to the Dr. Strange premiere, which seems entirely appropriate.

Over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah introduced his own schtick–playing his own half-brother who came to remind Trevor that back home he’s known as “Ebola” because he was terrible in Africa and never caught on in America–but mostly the host just spent the time batting around Trump’s tire fire of a performance. Probably his best zinger came after a clip of Trump’s now infamous “You’re a puppet” line, to which Noah responded: “To be fair, Trump thinks all women are puppets, which is why he’s always trying to stick his hand up them.”

On The Late Late Show with James Corden, or as some may call him, “the British John Oliver,” Corden apologized for disappointing all the fans that come to his show for news and political hot takes because he got a bit distracted.

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