Danny Elfman Composed A Horror Score For Donald Trump

Can this election be over yet?

Danny Elfman Composed A Horror Score For Donald Trump

WHAT: A horror score cut over footage of Donald Trump lumbering over Hillary Clinton from the second presidential debate.

WHO: The score was composed by legendary horror/fantasy composer Danny Elfman.

WHY WE CARE: This election, man. Anybody who tried to catalog all of the legitimately funny/simultaneously horrifying things people were doing on the internet to get through it all is probably drowning under the weight of the past few days. (Here, enjoy Donald Trump’s speech from yesterday overdubbed over Bane from The Dark Knight Rises!) But even though we all can’t wait until November 8 (or November 28, depending which candidate you listen to) so we can stop thinking about these people for at least a few peaceful moments, every so often, there’s something clever enough that it breaks through. In this case, it’s the fact that Danny Elfman himself, former frontman of Oingo Boingo, composer on pretty much every Tim Burton movie, and 104 other films, produced a score for the debate footage of Donald Trump either creepily towering over Hillary Clinton or “dominating her like a silverback gorilla” (depending who you ask). The score is more ominous and less melodic than much of Elfman’s oeuvre, with none of the whimsy that he brings to his most famous work with Burton–but that probably just proves that, with three and a half weeks left to go, there’s just nothing all that whimsical about the election of 2016.

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