Cheer Up, America, The Canadians Are Here To Tell Us How Great We Are

America’s hat challenges Trump’s hat.

Cheer Up, America, The Canadians Are Here To Tell Us How Great We Are

WHAT: A 90-second video from the “Tell America It’s Great” campaign in which Canadians big-ups their southern neighbor.

WHO: A whole bunch of friendly Canucks recruited by creative agency The Garden.

WHY WE CARE: Let’s not mince words: This is a depressing time to be an American. Turn on the news! Either you’re convinced by one of the two people most likely to become President that America is a nightmarish hellscape in which there is no hope, save electing a reality TV star who inflames racial tensions and boasts about a huge number of things that could get him arrested–or you’re faced with the nightmarish hellscape that is realizing that close to half the country wants that guy to be President. Either way: Yikes. So if you’re in the dumps, worry not, the Canadians are here, and they want to give America a pep talk. While the assumption of American greatness has not always worked out well for everybody–and right now, something like 10% of the nation’s athletes are directly challenging that assertion by protesting patriotic displays before their games–it’s nonetheless really gosh-darn nice of America’s Canadian neighbors to remind Americans of the things they admire about their country. National parks! The Americans with Disabilities Act! Tupac and Biggie! Bluegrass! It may be a mite disingenuous–alas, as friendly as Canadians are, their love of Americans is not universal, as anybody who lived through the Bush years can attest–but one of the things that makes America so great is its absolute willingness to believe that Canada is its very sincere lil’ buddy, up there to remind it of how awesome it is. In that way, everybody’s a winner here–but, if you read through the subtext of the ad, a lot of Canadians sure hope that Donald Trump won’t be one come November.

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