Ellie Goulding Scores A Powerful New Domestic Violence PSA

UK charities Victim Support, and National Centre for Domestic Violence, use dance choreography to create a captivating message.

Ellie Goulding Scores A Powerful New Domestic Violence PSA

WHAT: A new domestic violence PSA that uses haunting music and dance to raise awareness to the fact that on average, high-risk victims live with domestic abuse for over two years before getting help.

WHO: Victim Support, National Centre for Domestic Violence, JWT London, Biscuit Filmworks, director Noam Murro

WHY WE CARE: Sadly, much like drinking and driving, domestic violence is an issue that endures, and each year we see more and more PSAs aiming to raise awareness and to offer victims a way to find help. So how do you craft a message that can both convey the urgency the issue still has, and break through the content clutter? JWT London executive creative director Russell Ramsey says one way was to recruit an artist like Ellie Goulding to write an original composition, and promote the PSA like a music video.

“If you show actual violence people don’t take it in, people don’t want to see it,” says Ramsey. “So how do you tell this story in a way that is watchable, that’s weirdly going to make you want to watch something hard to watch? Get it done by a popular music artist and do it as a popular music promo. Make it sharable and watchable in a social and digestible way. What we’ve done is to create the opposite of what people normally see, which is why its disarming and why it will cut through.”

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