“Atlanta” Brilliantly Wove Fake Ads Into Its Last Episode, And You Need To See Them

Donald Glover’s FX comedy took some deep-cut shots at classic ad tropes, and they all landed perfectly.

“Atlanta” Brilliantly Wove Fake Ads Into Its Last Episode, And You Need To See Them

WHAT: A handful of parody ads from episode seven of Donald Glover’s Atlanta.

WHO: Donald Glover, Atlanta, FX

WHY WE CARE: If you’re not watching Donald Glover’s Atlanta yet, just know that you’re missing out. Not only on some of the funniest TV around, but also some of the most creative storytelling. That word “storytelling” get thrown around a lot but this show’s first season is as ambitious as it is entertaining. Case in point, this week’s episode “B.A.N” takes place on the set of a Charlie Rose-type cable access show, complete with commercials.

Now, I’m not going to get into the details of the show, but even if you aren’t up on Atlanta yet, you can still admire how Glover uses the ad medium as part of the story here. Is it a spoof of how brands target “urban” consumers or simply the surreal extreme version of what local advertising can be? Either way, these are hilarious and amazing. We couldn’t find video for the Pre-dump Swisher Sweets, Arizona Iced Tea (“The price is on the can, though”), or Dodge Charger (“the official car of making a statement without saying anything at all”), but thankfully we’ve got the police brutality of Coconut Crunch-Os (“Only kids can have Coconut Crunch-O’s. You know that!”), a classy version of Mickey’s Malt Liquor (“You’re Drinking It Wrong”), and we find out why Ahmad White wanted Earn to eat that sandwich on the bus in an earlier episode. So if you want to be smart as a baby dolphin, watch all of these right now.

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