Dancer Uses “Empty” London As Her Personal Stage In New Bose Spot

In which, London looks like a commuter’s dream.

Dancer Uses “Empty” London As Her Personal Stage In New Bose Spot

WHAT: New ad campaign, “Get Closer” for Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones, featuring a solitary dancer in an entirely empty London.

WHO: Bose, Grey London

WHY WE CARE: Londoners may find the pristine city depicted in this ad a little disconcerting. The clean and totally empty streets are clearly London, but not as they know it. A single dancer, Maëva Berthelot, is enveloped in her personal world, mesmerizingly swirling from one city area to another. Nothing is getting in her way or penetrating her idyll.

She’s wearing headphones, of course, and to underline the point this 60-second spot rather brilliantly makes–that they eliminate all barriers and distractions–towards the end of the film, Piccadilly Circus reverts to its usual people-jammed, hectic state. It’s also somewhat reassuring for it to be confirmed the city was not actually emptied by some 28 Days Later-style disaster.

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