LeBron And Lil Yachty Get Downright Meta In New Sprite Ads

If LeBron were in an ad, this is what he would say.

LeBron And Lil Yachty Get Downright Meta In New Sprite Ads

WHAT: The first ad in the “Wanna Sprite” campaign.

WHO: LeBron James and Lil Yachty star in the campaign by Wieden + Kennedy New York for Sprite.

WHY WE CARE: LeBron’s pitchman persona has been refined over the years, but now it’s getting just plain weird: The “Wanna Sprite” campaign pairs him with Lil Yachty–who plays the piano inside of an ice cube–goes extremely meta as LeBron discusses when he would and wouldn’t tell you to drink Sprite, and features a hot sauce-eating contest, because when you hear LeBron, you should think “hot sauce” these days, or something? Either way, the contrast between the various faces of LeBron–intense savior of Cleveland, serious-minded endorser of political candidates, legit on-court G.O.A.T. candidate, goofball celebrity pitchman–grows only starker in this spot that’s more “Old Spice” than traditional soda ad, and that probably just means that LeBron really is good at almost everything.

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