Tide Is Thinking About How Clean Your Laundry Actually Is, Even If You’d Rather Not

WHAT: A new Tide campaign that shines a spotlight on times when we’d like our laundry detergent to be extra effective.

WHO: Tide, Saatchi & Saatchi New York

WHY WE CARE: For the longest time, your standard laundry detergent ad seemed to either people smelling their clothes like they were huffing gas, or some guy in a lab coat performing a product demo. Tide has long mixed things up, most notably with its classic 2008 “Stain” spot. Here again we see a few more of the life situations in which we’re forced to confront the importance of clean clothes.

Not long ago, my favorite pair of jeans somehow got mixed in and tossed in the wash with my one-year-old daughter’s laundry after she had performed what can only be described as a gastrointestinal hate crime on her clothing. That was a time I was counting on the strength and abilities of my detergent. With this campaign, I know Tide feels my pain. Whether it’s the towels at the gym, your in-laws’ spare swim trunks, or what those Airbnb renters are doing in your robe, the brand illustrates its awareness of the wide variety of situations you need your laundry to be extra, extra special clean. Face it, we’re not all Dave.